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Sports Research Ab Wheel helps you strengthen and tone your abs, core, arms and back muscles. Very durable and compact for travel, this ab wheel features a wide wheel for stability as you carve left, right and center. Ultra wide wheel-Stabilizes movement and rubberized, non-slip grips for stability control.

  • Great for core workouts to strengthen and tone your abdominals
  • Features a wide wheel for extra stability
  • Includes knee pad, training guide and sweet sweat sample

18 reviews for AB WHEEL

  1. Visney

    The wheel is not that expensive but really works. It’s very convenient to use it home when I don’t want to go to Gym in winter

  2. ererer

    I purchased this AB roller for my husbands birthday and he loves it! He’s had other rollers in the past but this one has super cushioned grip which lets him use it longer for more reps. The tire grooves on the actual roller is fantastic allows for more control when using it. I will be purchasing one for my son because he teaches workout classes and also loved it! It also looks fantastic cosmetically!

  3. GZ

    I have used the basic ab wheel design for the last ten years and this product from Sports Research is truly an upgrade. It’s definitely innovated with the wider single wheel that allows for fluid movement and extra isolation on the targeted areas. Very well made durable product.

  4. teemi

    Heavy duty, I was worried that it wouldn’t be able to withstand my 275lb frame. The device easily handles my frame an the device feels solid, good quality… I am %100 glad I purchased it.

  5. Urgo

    Love this ab roller for many reasons! The wheel is wider, so it allows you to go straight as well as curve right and left easier to target your obliques. The handles are very soft to grip and a knee pad is included! I have been using the ab roller a few times a week for about a month now and have noticed my core tightening as well as my arms and shoulders toning up. Very affordable and worth it!

  6. Kim

    While I know packaging isn’t something we all keep around, I wanted to note that the packaging for this product was great. The quality of the satin type cardboard was impressive. I think it’s a sign that end to end they wanted a great product and presentation and they achieved it. The ab roller itself is kicking my butt and I love it.The knee pad is minimal yet perfectly effective and saves my knees on my hardwood floors. I love the real rubber tire and the comfy grips. Great product!

  7. Yim

    I was seeing people at the gym using the ab roller to workout so i decided to buy my own. IM GLAD I DID !!!!!! I do 3 sets of 15x everyday when i get home from the gym. Since im a beginner it was really tough, but after 2 weeks of using it, i was already seeing results. I also purchased your sweet sweat waist trimmer which helped me alot. Cannot wait to share my experience, and motivate others, thanks sports research, will definitely purchase from you again 🙂

  8. Peter J.

    Good ab roller. Wide footprint makes keeping your balance easier.

  9. Deve

    I’ve owned a few of these types of things over the years and this is quite a good one. The wide wheel is very stable and helps when turning. These always do more for your body than you expect them to. A critical part of my workout and easy to pack. This one is a little harder as it’s bigger, but still fits in a carry-on just fine.

  10. Jeniffer

    Does what it’s supposed to. Ive had it for a few months now and use it frequently, its very durable and won’t fall apart. I like the wheel but the knee pad went in the trash straight out of the box.

  11. KK1123

    This is my first ab roller, so I can’t compare. But it seems well made, and it’s working well. It comes with instructions that should be read. Right now I’m using the against-the-wall method, but even with a wall as a backstop (for safety), I’m getting a reasonably intense effect. I like the wide wheel because it’s stable and, because it’s slightly rounded, I find it easy to roll toward the left and right as well as straight on.

  12. Ivan

    Wow, this really works. If done properly, I can feel the burn and yet it isn’t as uncomfortable or irritating as sit ups. I do 2 sets a night and I can already see the difference. Great idea!

  13. Wigin

    This roller is stable. The handles do not feel like they’re going to break off when you put your weight into it. Simple design, effective.

  14. YK

    This ab wheel is excellent. It is sturdy, has a great grip, and is comfortable. I felt the burn after using it for just a couple of days. It also comes with a knee pad so you don’t need to purchase a separate pad. Very well worth it for the price.

  15. Josh

    I was really excited for this to arrive and I’m already in love with it! The quality and build seems pretty sturdy. I was kinda disappointed when I saw it was a bit smaller than I thought? It’s size is really hard to control for a beginner like me. If it were a tad bigger I’d feel more confident using it but, for now I’ll have to gain the strength to use it.

    Don’t buy this if you expect it to work miracles. First try using it without the instructions, I slipped and hit my chin. It takes a lot of abdominal, arm and back muscles strength to really get into a routine.

    I’ll come back and see how long the build will hold with moderate use~

  16. m14785

    Just getting into ab rollers, it’s super tough and well built, i’m a big guy and this holds me just fine. Construction quality is great and the price is affordable.

  17. nick


  18. tony

    Not very good but you can try

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