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  • WHEN PAIN KEEPS YOU FROM SLEEPING: Each Capsule of Genacol Sleep and Joint Combines 3 Mg of Melatonin and 400 Mg of Collagen Hydrolysate to Reduce Joint Discomfort Responsible for Insomnia While Improving Sleeping Duration and Quality.
  • BETTER ABSORPTION FOR BETTER RESULTS: Aminolock Hydrolyzed collagen in our natural sleep aid formula has collagen protein peptides up to 5X smaller than the competition, making it one of the fastest absorbing forms of collagen in the world.

Genacol Sleep & Joints is a 100% DRUG FREE natural sleep aid, which creates no dependence, cause no grogginess upon waking and procure no undesirable side effects. It can greatly help people who occasionally suffer from sleep disorders*.

Genacol Sleep and Joints has been specifically designed to promote a more restful night’s sleep while improving joint health*.

Genacol’s AminoLock Collagen is a unique protein complex created by the lowest molecular size peptides in the world, its superior bioavailability benefits and proven effectiveness for joint health being supported by 3 published scientific studies*.

The proof of the effectiveness in using Genacol’s unique Very Low Molecular Weight AminoLock® Collagen is now patent pending in the USA and Canada*.


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