Solgar Selenium Yeast Free – 200 mcg

Solgar Selenium Yeast Free – 200 mcg

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Selenium is an essential trace mineral. It is a component of the powerful antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which helps to fight cell-damaging free radicals and naturally assists in detoxification. Selenium also helps recycle Vitamin E, which in turn helps to promote cell protection. It is also necessary for thyroid hormone metabolism and healthy thyroid function. This formulation provides Yeast-Free Selenium as L-selenomethionine.


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18 reviews for Solgar Selenium Yeast Free – 200 mcg

  1. Jean Grey

    This is the supplement I have been taking for years for my hypothyroidism. I asked my endocrinologist to take me off levothyroxine five years ago, and with this supplement, clean eating, and zinc, I have been symptom-free (it was mild hypothyroid, almost subclinical, but I still was depressed, eating too much, and sleep was disturbed). I have felt wonderful ever since.

    According to the research and a lifetime of taking supplements, I have found the Solgar brand to be the best quality and of the highest efficacy for me. I think their quality control methods are superb.

  2. Robyn Wittleder

    I seem to be feeling more energetic since I started taking this supplement. I’d like to take it longer to see if I will lose some weight and feel better consistently. My slow thyroid can make me feel sluggish and tired. I like the Solgar brand; gluten and soy free.

  3. Johnny Duncan

    I was not even aware that they used yeast to make most of the selenium pills. These are just as effective but great for people who have severe mold allergies.

  4. D. Russell

    Strongest fingernails in my life.

  5. Anony

    Bought for my mother who is seeking to boost her neutrophils during chemotherapy. Works very well and is quality-certified

  6. Nikki

    I have hypothyroidism. I take Selenium as it is said that it helps thyroid med absorption.. Solgar is a trusted name

  7. lenspool

    I take these selenium every day with lugols iodine for optimum thyroid function and cellular regeneration

  8. Natasha

    Taking it for almost 6 months, and first time in years did not have pollen and other desert kinds allergies. Other than starting taking Selenium I did not change anything in my diet/ vitamins. So i guess its not a coincidence.

  9. mag

    I use it together with kelp caps as thyroid support. Works great

  10. Robert777

    I take the Selenium along with Vitamin E and it provides help with my minor arthritis

  11. kimberlee

    Great yeast-free option. It helps my histamine and mast cell issues to not consume yeast – a highly histamine food.

  12. evergreen

    A great clean selenium and a great value! My second fav!

  13. Jill Hunter Clem

    These are superb quality, and this was the best price I have found.

  14. Michael MacLuskie

    product is as expected

  15. SMB

    The product was delivered in a timely manner. I take Selenium to boost my immune system. The product was at a good price

  16. kim jeong hee

    very good item Thanks

  17. Mark C Adams

    Solgar products are always high quality

  18. C P.

    Delivered on time. Good price.

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