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The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer increases your core temperature during exercise improving thermogenic activity and sweat. Made with premium neoprene for superior heat insulation and contoured for lower back support. Use Sweet Sweat in combination with your waist trimmer during exercise for increased thermogenic activity, and you will be amazed how much more you will sweat than using the belt alone!


**Please note: If you are not able to select a color in your size, that means we are currently out of stock only for that specific size.**


  • Increases sweat and heat production when used with exercise
  • Made from latex free neoprene and contoured for lower back support
  • Naturally flexible to adjust to your size & shape allowing for a full range of motion
  • Contains textured grid inner lining to repel moisture absorption
  • Includes carrying bag & Sweet Sweat sample gel.


  • S: 35″ length x 8″ width – recommended for waist up to 33″
  • M: 41″ length x 8″ width – recommended for waist up to 38″
  • L: 46″ length x 9″ width – recommended for waist up to 44″
  • XL: 51″ length x 10″ width – recommended for waist up to 49″
  • XXL: 60″ length x 10″ width – recommended for waist up to 58″
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  1. Tamara

    Started using it the day it came in April 1st on my POST PARTUM tummy. It’s now May 5th and these are my results. I work out 5 days a week 20 minutes of stair climber and lifting weights alternating body parts 5 days a week. Thank you so much. Will continue using it until I hit my goal.

  2. Rosie

    I don’t even have to be at the gym for this thing to be covered in sweat when I take it off. Gross, but hey, it’s supposed to make you sweat. Definitely makes a difference for me at the gym, as it helps concentrate the heat to my belly area as I work out.

  3. Jessica

    I don’t usually write review for things and I am completely honest when I say this belt melted off 6 inches around my belly button (lower abs) and 2 inches off my natural waist (smallest part in my torso). I lost 7 lbs this month using it.

    I go to the gym 4-5x a week and wear the band while I do cardio for 30 mins min and then strength. After that I sit in the sauna with it on.

    You will not regret this !

  4. Haley Diehl

    Ordered a new one on a daily deal recently. I own one already but after so much use after few years its not staying on 100% of the time. Figured it was time to replace it. I love my waist trimmer by this company. I have been nothing but happy with their products. Sometimes a little high for the cream but worth it.

  5. latoya anderson

    I got a medium. I am 170lbs and a little thick in the middle (i’m working on it) and this fits me great. I really makes me sweat a lot and takes my workout to the next level. The inches are really coming off around my waistline.

  6. Zanne

    I previously ordered this in an XXL. I’m 5’3 270lbs bottom heavy so I figured the XXL would be a perfect fit for my mid section. After receiving it the 2X was extremely too big so I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. I’m not too sure how I feel about the cream that comes with it. Anytime you mix grease like substance with water the water will naturally roll off which is what happens after your workout. I guess it’s supposed to show you how much you’re sweating but I’m not certain if it actually does anything to enhance weight loss. You probably really don’t need the cream. The waist trimmer itself I love because it helps me with posture.

  7. Piper

    It is very soft and comfortable to wear while exercising. I only wear it when I exercise. I wish I had gotten size S because the M is a little bit too big on me. I am 5”4’ and 137 lbs. size small would be perfect but overall I like the belt. I had baby number 2 and I am trying to lose baby weight now and I think with this belt I will achieve my goal quicker.

  8. Samantha Cullum

    Works well! I use it without the cream that came with it and I still sweat a lot! One thing I wish I did was get one size smaller. I am 5’7 and I weight 150. I wish I went for a small instead of a medium since it wraps around a lot! But other than that, great purchase!

  9. Shane

    This is a really great item in my opinion. I use it whenever I go to the gym, play volleyball or any other out door activity. The band really helps with maintaining a high core temperature even when you aren’t being active so you don’t have to worry about constantly warming up to do anything. Personally it has helped me trim down those last couple inches off of my waist that I’ve been having trouble with. The only problem that I have with the band is that the neoprene that it’s made of has a really strong smell to it. Even when washing it a couple times with soap the smell remains.

  10. Courtney

    Definitely makes you sweat like it says! It’s surprisingly very comfortable to where you can’t even feel it even when weight lifting so I wear it for cardio as well as lifting. You kind of forget you have it on. I can tell a difference after wearing it 6 days in a row of working out. Not a drastic difference but I do feel like my tummy doesn’t feel so bloated and out there. It’s nice because it feels almost like a compression and holds everything in and in place if you know what I mean. Definitely worth the purchase!

  11. K. West

    Ok, so I bough this one because of all the great reviews and was hoping may be it a “short cut” to a six pack. Apparently, it did not work out for me. I workout 5 days a week, all workouts are intense, with weights. I religiously follow my diet and show full commitment to my fitness goals. This belt definitely makes your stomach sweat. Didn’t help me burn any extra fat, but helped to get pimples since the sweat was not evaporating because of that rubber belt.

  12. Maria M.

    It is good for losing water weight. If you are looking for losing some fat, it is better to exercise more and eat less but this or a similar product won’t help you lose belly fat.

  13. Steven

    I’ve been using this regularly and go to the gym often. I personally love it and I do recognize how much it does make my midsection sweat but it’s been over a month and I have yet to see the dramatic results I have seen in the photos, but it’s probably because I am not using the cream. Still worth it to me

  14. Lee

    I bought this sweet sweat trimmer 2 years ago. Although it’s starting to rip a little its going 85% strong. If anyone is looking to add a little more help to lose those pounds i would recommend buying this. Will be buying again once this one falls apart.

  15. Lilina

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. You really do sweat, pours out like water after a good work out and your drenched, it’s honestly disgusting, but awesome. It will help lose the inches if you work your butt off with a healthy meal plan. No workout item is magic, it takes hard work and determination and it’s easier for some than others. With that being said it’s a big aid in losing those inches on the waist. P.s the arms bands are a good buy too.

  16. Queens 7

    Love wearing it when working out or just running around the house

  17. Emily

    I’m a plus size, so I was a little apprehensive about ordering. Let me say this, the product is exactly as described. Great quality! I was excited es to receive and try out. Sadly, this item is bigger than expected. I normally wear a size 3X, so I figured the XXL would be a good fit. Nope, to big! I’m going to order the XL and pass my belt to someone who can benefit f from more.

  18. Serena

    Shipping was very fast and the company personally emailed me to make sure I received my products. I waited 3 weeks before writing this review, I ordered the waist trimmer and the coconut stick and I’m far from disappointed. I wear the waist trimmer along with applying the coconut stick underneath before I start a workout and i’ve never sweat so much before. It’s normally pretty hard to get me to sweat, even when my heart rate is up and I keep it between 150-160. I get the same result while using this product wether I’m doing weight training, warning up with cardio before lifting or simply just doing cardio, I’m always very very sweaty afterwards. The coconut stick and waist trimmer have completely changed my workouts. I was a little skeptical at first but after using it for 3 weeks I definitely recommend investing in this product.

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