Ultimate- Amino 2000

Ultimate- Amino 2000

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Proteins carry out all biological functions in living organisms, including humans. All life depends on proteins and proteins are made of amino acids, their basic building blocks. Essentially, amino acids are strung like beads in long chains in proteins. In the human body, proteins are made from individual amino acids. Nutritional supplementation with amino acids ensures that all cells, tissues, and organs in the body have a ready supply of amino acids.

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Ultimate Nutrition®‘s Amino 2000 has important amino acids and branched chain amino acids that provide the body with the support it needs to produce proteins. Amino acids perform other important functions, as well, and nutritional supplementation helps keep the amino acid supply in the bloodstream within a healthy range. Under some circumstances, such as stress from high-intensity exercise, amino acids in the blood can become depleted, such that important substances in the body cannot be produced in the right amount, at the right time, or in the right place.

Ultimate Nutrition®‘s Amino 2000 provides a full spectrum of amino acids to help maintain optimal levels in the bloodstream and promote good health at any stage of life.


150 Tablets, 330 Tablets


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