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    • ShredZ BURNER MAX (Women)


      The SHREDZ® BURNER MAX Made For Women™ is a premier thermogenic supplement with clinically-tested ingredients designed to help you lose 2 pounds a week for 10 consecutive weeks. It does this by providing energy and helping you maximize workouts to achieve your goals. In SHREDZ Burner MAX are ingredients that are clinically shown to promote Weight Loss*. Naturally-derived ingredients like Vitamin B5, Green Tea Extract and Advantra-Z Citrus Aurantium help provide tons of health benefits to go along with the weight loss effects you’ve come to expect from the SHREDZ brand. SHREDZ Burner MAX is another example of how SHREDZ stays ahead of the fitness industry.

      •  Weight Loss
      •  Boost Energy
      •  Two Clinically Studied Ingredients
      •  Perfect Workouts
    • ShredZ TEST MAX


      SHREDZ® Test Max elevate your overall performance in and out of the gym so that you can become an Alpha Male! SHREDZ Test Max is an all natural solution to help your body raise it’s levels, become stronger, leaner, and harder than ever before.

      •  Enhance Output
      •  Boost Workouts
      •  Anacyclus Pyrethrum
      •  Designed for Men

      SHREDZ® Test Max is a test booster with naturally-derived ingredients that work with your body’s composition to help use more of your own natural Test Max to enhance your fitness and personal lifestyle. SHREDZ® uses world class ingredients in a formula that will help elevate your T-levels so you can reach the ultimate goal of becoming the ALPHA MALE! SHREDZ Test Max uses innovative ingredients like Eurycoma Longifolia, and Anacyclus Pyrethrum. These aren’t everyday ingredients and are definitely not easy to get your hands on. Compared to common Test Max boosters of the past like Tribulus, these ingredients are a cut above the rest.

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