Lungs and Sinus

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    • ARTHUR ANDREW – Neprinol

      Cleanses the blood and supports proper joint and circulatory function.

      As we age, our natural enzyme production decreases. Enzymes play a key role in digestion, circulation, and fibrin control. When enzymes are spread too thin, they can’t keep fibrin at a healthy level.

      When fibrin—a fibrous protein involved in blood clotting—is out of line, you may experience the following symptoms:

      • Fatigue and discomfort
      • Poor circulation
      • Elevated blood viscosity
      • Delayed healing

      While aging is inevitable, symptoms associated with high levels of fibrin don’t have to be.

      Neprinol provides the right blend of systemic enzymes that your body needs for proper circulation and improved joint comfort.

    • ARTHUR ANDREW – Serrétia

      Supports healthy sinus activity and relief from muscle soreness.

      Sinus pain and/or muscle soreness can stop you from doing the things you love. You tend to focus more on the pain and discomfort and less on the enjoyment that can come from physical activity. Whether it’s hiking, rock climbing, skiing, aerobics, running, or any other type of high-intensity exercise, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your active lifestyle because of bothersome pain.

      If you experience the following during or after any strenuous activity, then Serrétia may be just what you need.

      • Slowed recovery
      • Sinus pressure or congestion
      • Joint discomfort or muscle soreness

      Serrétia is a highly concentrated serrapeptase supplement that supports healthy sinus activity and pain-free living both safely and naturally.

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