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  • WHAT IS IT: Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent material that can capture, bind and remove unwanted material such as toxins from low quality, processed food, and environmental pollutants.*
  • NO MORE MESSY HANDS: Encapsulated in a leak proof softgel, so no more messy hands or half filled capsules.*
  • SOURCING: Environmentally sustainable coconut charcoal from pure coconut shells and formulated with Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil
  • HOW IT WORKS: The porous surface has a negative electric charge that attracts positively charged toxins and gas to be carried out of the body.*
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All Sports Research (SR®) products come with a 90 day Money Back Guarantee.*


  1. Jasmine

    If you have gas — or ANY symptoms that relate to impurities in your digestive tract — just take some activated charcoal. It’s gonna sop up the impurities like a sponge and keep them trapped inside the charcoal. That way you can pass the impurities out of your digestive tract when you go to the bathroom — without any further trouble. Shortly after taking, the gas — or whatever the problem is — will stop and you can go back out in public without having to worry!

  2. Yu Yu

    I love this product!!! I always go with this Brand. It really works very well and I love to recommend this product to everyone.

  3. MR. MING

    I’ve been taking this product for over a year and it works really well. My friends and relatives are already using it. ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. merkin

    very good!

  5. suny

    A perfect example of why I love this product so much. Last week, my husband brought home chinese food…It’s an Asian fusion restaurant and
    he got me a spinach salad with wild mushrooms…An hour after I ate, my mouth started watering….copious amounts of fluid had me salivating
    until I simply vomited…I noticed what came out was all green….the salad….and I quickly ran into the kitchen and took one of my new charcoal
    capsules…I drank some warm tea….and within a few minutes, was starting to feel okay…It was as if nothing happened. And I’m not someone
    who easily vomits….But the charcoal totally saved me…No more nausea…stomach felt settled…
    So many times I didn’t know what to take or do when my stomach felt really upset….especially after eating something questionable in an unknown restaurant. I’ve had food poisoning more times than I can count….especially from salads that might not have been washed well and who knows
    what you’re getting when a waiter puts a beautiful green spinach salad down in front of you…Nobody knows what goes on in restaurant
    kitchens…who washes their hands…who maybe cuts greens with a not so clean knife….Maybe it’s even something I stored too long in my own refrigerator. When in doubt, I quickly take a charcoal capsule. I used to take the ones from Nature’s Way and they were
    okay…had to take two to get the same effects as I’m getting with one of these…. With Sports Research Activated Charcoal with coconut oil, all I need is one pill and it works fast….I know I can always count on charcoal if my stomach feels “off”.

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