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If you’ve tried every other pre-workout on the market and think you’ve found the strongest yet … Think again!

Shadow-X will truly blow your mind and leave you screaming for more!!

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SHADOW-X is a full powered pre-workout designed for hardcore users only. Just 1 scoop of SHADOW-X will put you in a workout zone unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Mind lock mental focus, intense muscle pumps and savage training intensity.

Just one scoop of Shadow-X and everything changes. Grab some iron because when it kicks in you’re going to need something heavy to hold on to.

Shadow-X is not for the weak! This pre workout goes down smooth but wakes up the sleeping giant. For freakish energy, strength, super charged training sessions and almost hypnotic mental focus this is the one!

A formula that leaves nothing to chance and nothing behind.


Arctic Blue Raspberry, Lemon Zero, Magic Berry, Neon Tropic

8 reviews for COBRA LABS – SHADOW-X

  1. kAPLAN

    It ‘s a nice clean energy! Good pump….

  2. ALEX

    Super, super simple pre-workout that contains basically Creatine & Caffeine without all the extra stimulants and crap you don’t need. It compares with C4 and N.O. Explode nicely in that you get that extra pump and motivation factor without feeling like you’re gonna lose your sh*t. I was shocked at how Jolly Rancher-esque the flavor was at first, but have ordered multiple times since. Two years later & I won’t use anything else besides THE CURSE.


    It is such a small container but it really packs a punch. I am not new to pre-workout and I have come to somewhat expect some jitters/ tummy ick/ and itchy tingle with a new product. I did not experience any of those uncomfortable things. I was surprised to find that it certainly did sharpen my mental focus too (big deal for me– goodbye loathesome brain fog). THE FLAVOR- it is DELICIOUS blended with an adequate amount of ice water! (Apple slushie that competes with the designer blended energy drinks at the trendy coffee shop) . It has that mildly chalky alkaline taste if you do not use enough water.

  4. SELXA

    Great pre I have been taking pre for about 5-6 years now and this one gives you a great pump and energy boost! Caution though- if you are weak stomached or don’t like the gittery feel this pre isn’t for you it’s a intense pre not for everyone I personally love that feel and love this pre and great price too


    Oo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o baby this powder has some energy! I was skeptical at first because the price per serving was less than many of the other well known brands but I decided to take a chance with this and I am glad I did. I got some serious pumps in and the flavor was a good change of pace. I would buy this again.

  6. GRADE

    So I was running out of preworkout and decided I’d try something new. Looked over the reviews and decided I’d give this product a try. I’m the type of person who enjoys the tingles from beta alanine and the focus and energy boost you get from caffeine. First day I took it I had one scoop, didn’t feel a thing. So I decided I’d take 2 scoops and would go from there. Let me tell ya, I did not feel a single thing, not a single effect. Maybe my body is used to a higher dosage of ingredients from previous preworkouts, but this had no effect on me whatsoever. It’s really too bad because the raspberry flavor was amazing.

  7. ROB

    This is an amazing preworkout. I really prefer preworkouts that you can adjust how much you use. 1-3 scoops before workout it says. A scoop is 5g. The trial size single packet of this has 8g. So I have always used just over 1 scoop. Lots of enegery left late in my sets to rep a few extra times. No tingly feeling for me personally.

    Also I’d like to note cobra labs has a new preworkout out called shadow. It’s very similar to taking three scoops of this… but in one scoop. If you need something for more crazy energy I suggest going to the shadow. Fairly sure it says don’t use it ubless you’ve used preworkout in the past.

  8. andy

    Finally, I can have a pre-workout that reminds me of SHODAN! I liked The Curse from CobraLabs, but this stuff seems to be the next evolutionary step. I actually like that it has a simple list of ingredients and no “proprietary” blend nonsense where I’m uncertain of what proportion of what is concealed in the powder. All the ingredients are readily listed with their dosages, which means I can combine this with other supplements without any guesswork on how much of X I’m getting to make my own cocktails suited for workouts or evading cybernetic nonsense should the need arise.

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