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Maximizes the benefits of your protein supplement.

Bloating and gas can occur after eating proteins such as whey, casein, soy, pea, and hemp. However, if you’re one of the many people who suffer from digestive issues after eating one or more of these protein sources, the problem is probably not food intolerance. It’s more likely the result of bacteria in your large intestine consuming protein that was not properly absorbed by the body.

Aminolase helps your body better absorb, and use, beneficial protein without the digestive stress.

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Taking Aminolase when you eat or drink protein has been shown to raise the level of amino acids in the blood, compared to just consuming protein alone. Among those amino acids are the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), which play a vital role in muscle synthesis and recovery.

Aminolase on its own is bio-sufficient, meaning the supplement alone includes all the tools required to break down proteins into bio-usable form.

Aminolase will:

  • Support muscle synthesis when used in conjunction with protein supplements, meal replacements, and all protein-rich meals.
  • Digest protein into bio-usable form, taking full advantage of the availability of essential amino acids for building muscle and improving muscle recovery from workouts.
  • Greatly reduce stomach discomfort and gas typically caused when protein supplements are not broken down into their smallest components.
  • Maximize the benefits of dietary protein, helping the body absorb more protein rather than excreting it.

Aminolase is ideal for fitness enthusiasts and anyone with an active lifestyle. It will support healthy muscle mass, muscle recovery, and completely change the way you use and digest protein. 3

Aminolase should be taken any time you consume protein-rich foods and dietary supplements to help digest the protein and break it down into a usable form, such as essential amino acids and beneficial peptides (i.e., Di and Tri-peptides).

Now you can enjoy your protein supplement without the fear of digestive issues. Aminolase helps the body break down protein better than it can on its own. It effectively reduces the potential for discomfort that often comes from consuming protein supplements or dietary protein.

Get a better return on your protein investment, and prevent annoying digestive issues, with Aminolase.

How Aminolase Works

Protein is essential for building and repairing tissue, as well as the creation of enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals your body needs for a number of important functions. Many fitness enthusiasts think they need to eat more protein to enjoy more of its benefits, but it’s not that simple.

To reap the benefits of eating protein, such as building lean muscle, faster workout recovery, and better immune function, protein must be broken down within the first 90 minutes of consumption. 1 During this window of time, protein passes from the stomach to the small intestine, where most of it gets digested and absorbed. It’s then assembled into a bio-usable form of muscle-building protein.

Once this 90-minute time frame ends, any protein that didn’t make it to the absorption stage is moved to the large intestine, which will pick up where the small intestine left off. But the problem with the large intestine is an abundance of bad bacteria. These bacteria feed off protein broken down in the large intestine. The result? Protein in the large intestine doesn’t get absorbed by the body, so you miss out on most of its amazing benefits.

And it gets worse. When these bacteria break down protein, they produce large amounts of toxins. These toxins, which must be excreted, can make protein digestion very uncomfortable. Additionally, incomplete protein breakdown in the small intestine leaves large protein peptides to be absorbed in the large intestine. Unfortunately, most individuals are extremely sensitive to large peptides which are responsible for uncomfortable, embarrassing symptoms like gas, bloating, and nausea.

Since absorbability of nutrients in the large intestine is low, protein that is not consumed by bacteria will simply be excreted from the body. Meaning, all of those beneficial amino acids go to waste, literally. Much of that expensive protein you purchase on a regular basis actually goes down the toilet.

The solution to this protein problem is Aminolase, a bio-efficient supplement that improves protein absorption. Aminolase helps break down protein efficiently so that the body can maximize the absorption of amino acids into the blood stream. This helps reduce your body’s exposure time to the large protein peptides that can cause discomfort.


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