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  • HIGHER ABSORPTION FOR BETTER RESULTS: Unlike other hydrolyzed supplements with large peptides that the body struggles to absorb, AminoLock® collagen has the lowest molecular-size in the world for superior bioavailability. Our collagen peptides supplement has molecules 3-5 times smaller than the competition. This means you get the recommended 1200mg collagen serving in just 3 capsules, not 6.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO WORK: Don’t just take our word for it. Genacol’s collagen supplement for men and women is backed by 3 independent studies. It’s proven to work by replenishing collagen that is lost naturally after the age of 30, helping relieve knee, back, and hand, while also protecting the cartilage by supplying healthy amino acids. Get a proven joint support supplement with a global presence in over 40 countries.
  • 100% NATURAL AND CERTIFIED NON-GMO: We take great pride in offering a gluten-free collagen hydrolysate supplement that is 100% natural. No preservatives. No fillers. No GMO. And our toxin-free approach doesn’t just begin at the production facility, it extends over to the farm. AminoLock® collagen nutritional supplements are exclusively derived from grass-fed and pasture-raised bovine.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Our Exclusive Aminolock® collagen joint relief supplement is produced in Sunflower, Mississippi, USA under the strictest quality control procedures. The production plant is FDA regulated and GMP & HACCP-certified. So not only do you get the purest bovine collagen supplements but also ones produced under the safest conditions.
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Genacol ORIGINAL is made with 100% AminoLock® Collagen using a unique technology that minimizes the molecular weight of the collagen to less than 1 kDa to maximize absorption by the body.

Genacol ORIGINAL protects  against cartilage deteriorationsupplies the amino acids contributing to the formation of cartilage*.
It helps maintain supple and flexible joints, and relieves joint discomfort and stiffness*.

Further to meeting the industry’s highest manufacturing standards, AminoLock® Collagen has no adverse effects, is GMO-free, and comes from pasture-raised animals.

Genacol only uses bovine-sourced collagen because its amino acid sequence most closely resembles that of human collagen, a key factor in allowing for optimal absorption by the body.

Genacol’s AminoLock® Collagen is a unique protein complex that creates the lowest molecular size peptides in the world, creating the benefit of superior bioavailability and proven effectiveness for joint health* supported by 3 published scientific studies.

The proof of the effectiveness in using Genacol’s unique Very Low Molecular Weight AminoLock® Collagen is now patent pending in the USA and Canada.


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